Stockbrokers Association’s Doug Clark inducted to Hall of Fame

Chris Kohler | THE AUSTRALIAN | 24 JUNE 2016

This year’s Australian Stockbrokers Foundation Hall of Fame inductee is not an actual broker, but rather a man who spends his time sticking up for them.

Doug Clark, head of policy at the Stockbrokers Association of Australia for almost 16 years, speaks and acts on behalf of the industry, which can occasionally take the form of cajoling and lightly harassing the likes of ASIC and the federal government in support of Australian brokers.

The award was given at a ceremony in Sydney last night.

Mr Clark has been with the stockbrokers association since September 2000, focusing, as he says, on policy support and representation of the stockbroking industry.

“Doug is probably Australia’s leading securities industry compliance and legal specialist,” said Matthew Wigzell, head of wealth management at Patersons Securities.

Mr Clark sits on several boards and advisory panels at the association, including the retail broking committee, the retail compliance subcommittee and the national DTR working group. Outside of the stockbrokers association, Mr Clark is principal at his self-named consulting group, which offers legal and compliance consulting and training in markets and financial services. He is a past head of legal and compliance at HSBC between 1999 and 2000.

The award for best stock picker went to veteran Australian equities expert Michael Heffernan of Phillip Securities, with a 71 per cent success record in weekly tips.

The highly contested research award went to APP Securities for having the most correct recommendations on the best and worst S&P/ASX300 performers over the financial year.

Russell accepting the award from Australian Stockbrokers Foundation Director Danny Dreyfus
Russell accepting the award from Australian Stockbrokers Foundation Director Danny Dreyfus

Despite significant market volatility, Mr Heffernan’s portfolio increased by more than 16 per cent before dividends since October last year.

Other awards presented included include Macquarie Securities for the best block trade deal on the brokers’ $1.6 billion sale of Origin Energy’s $NZ1.81bn stake in New Zealand utility Contact Energy in August of last year.

The award for the best dealing desk, which was voted by institutional dealers, came in as a tie between UBS and Morgan Stanley.

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