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What is CFD trading?

A CFD or “Contract For Difference” is a derivative product which allows you to trade on the price movements of assets and indexes across local and international markets. While being complex, what they offer traders is quite simple. CFDs enable you to enter the market with only a fraction of the value of the asset you are buying, amplifying the potential for gains and losses, also known as leverage. Because a CFD focuses on price movements it is also possible to short a product, meaning the trader expects the price of an asset to decrease and profit from this movement.

Lastly they enable the trader to take a position without having to take ownership of the underlying asset. This makes CFDs ideal for traders who want to gain a larger market exposure for a fraction of the full value while being able to enter and exit trades quickly.

Access a wide range of products across all major global exchanges.

APP DMA CFD Product Types



Equity CFDs

Index CFDS

Commodities CFDs

Futures CFDs

Forex CFDs




Multi Product

Take long and short positions from over 10,000 equities, index and commodity futures as well as fx

Global Reach

Trade all major markets and gain access to live pricing

Direct Access

Our CFD platform uses a Direct Market Access (DMA) model where quote prices identical to what is observed in the underlying market

Contingent Orders

Place multi-leg orders with ease on our intuitive order pad

Competitive Rates

CFDs enable you to take leverage and non leveraged positions - suiting your own risk appetite

Open 24 Hours

Multi market trading enables you to find an open market 24/6


Better charting. Faster execution. More transparent.

IRESS Viewpoint

IRESS Viewpoint

In early 2017 IRESS launched its upgrade to the Iresstrader platform built on efficient HTML5 code. The new platform provides multi-product execution and access to level 2 exchange data as standard. The new fluid and intuitive interface design coupled with major upgrades to charting and analytic tools cements Viewpoint as the future of trading systems.

Key Features

  • HTML 5 technology supported on all major web browsers
  • Compatible for Windows or MAC
  • Real time, dynamic market data
  • High performing tools
  • Advanced charting
  • Module linking
  • Highly customisable interface
  • Intuitive and easy to use

IRESS Trader

Iresstrader is the industry leader in powerful DMA execution systems. It is a web based platform that dynamically streams data across multiple product types and exchanges. By combining access to full market depth, an enhanced in-house charting system with live news flows, iresstrader provides everything you needs to maintain your edge in the market.

Key Features

  • Transparent Pricing
  • Compatible on Windows or Mac
  • Access to full Market depth
  • Advanced order management
  • Ability to trade pre and post market auctions
  • Highly customisable interface
  • Access to market heat map
  • Ability to set alerts on trade execution, news and price levels
IRESS Viewpoint

IRESS Investor

Designed for investors this web-based solution provides all the tools to manage trades on a daily basis. Access CFDs and forex to introduce strategies like diversification and hedging. This platform features alerts, charting, multi-product portfolio management and a full range of order options and simple contingent orders.

Key Features

  • Simple and intuitive interface
  • Live streaming news
  • Fast and easy order placement
  • Ability to set alerts on news and price levels
  • Compatible on Windows or Mac
  • Access to trade pre and post market auctions
  • Customise and save multiple watchlist
IRESS Viewpoint
IRESS Viewpoint

IRESS Mobile Solutions

For trading on the go simply download the IRESS app for iPhone (download here) or Android (download here). This will offer you the ability to take your trading with you. Manage your trading on a mobile or tablet, view the portfolio, access news, place orders and view charts.

Key Features

  • Live dynamic pricing
  • Access to real-time financial news
  • Track portfolio and holdings
  • Advanced order management
  • Enhanced charting
  • Compatible, on iPhone, iPad and Android devices